FIRST TIME in New York!
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Writing Lyrics that
Succeed and Endure
Master Class with
           Marty Panzer

After eighteen years at UCLA, renowned lyricist Marty Panzer brings his Master Class to his hometown...New York City.

For six weeks this Spring, Marty will provide songwriters with a body of work, guidance in how to achieve that special quality that makes a lyric both lasting and successful: universal, relatable, and touching the greatest number of people.

The goal of this workshop is to enable participants to raise their own standards, reaching farther, writing better.

Marty Panzer became a lyricist at the suggestion of his best friend, Barry Manilow, while they were both in the mailroom at CBS-TV in New York. They began by writing commercial jingles and their lifelong collaboration has resulted in over 30 songs recorded by Mr. Manilow, many of which have become American pop standards, including Even Now, It's a Miracle, This One's For You, and All the Time. With Steve Dorff, Marty wrote the Kenny Rogers classic, Through the Years. These songs, along with recordings by Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight, Julio Iglesias, Dusty Springfield, Michael Crawford, Frankie Valli, Dolly Parton and others, have earned Mr. Panzer 35 gold and platinum albums, four million-play awards, and record sales in excess of 70 million units. Mr. Panzer also wrote lyrics and dialogue for the MGM Grand production of EFX. He received an Annie Award nomination for We Are One from The Lion King II, and also wrote the lyrics for Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. Currently, he’s planning new performances of An Evening with Marty Panzer. Mr. Panzer's work is featured on the Disney DVD series Magic English, as well as The Magical World of Winnie The Pooh, Alice in Wonderland Masterpiece Edition, and Once Upon A Halloween. He has also written lyrics AND music, for the newest editions of Mommy and Me, as well as lyrics for Diane Schuur’s Midnight.. He’s co-written and produced over 100 songs for Disney, including The Disney Princess Tea Party, Christmas, and Party CDs.


  • The Great Songs: What We Value in a Lyric
  • A common vision of what we admire, respect, and aspire to

  • Expanding Your Horizons
  • Using different vocabularies, making new choices, finding new challenges, and keeping it interesting for yourself

  • The Craft of Lyric Writing
  • - Dramatic development: maintaining focus, building excitement, avoiding repetition
    - The agony and triumph of rewriting

  • Overcoming Stumbling Blocks
  • - From running out of rhymes, to running into commercial, producer, and artist demands
    - From realizing 10 people have already written this song, to realizing you've already written this song 10 times
    - Finding new attitudes, subjects, and perspectives
    - Writing songs that stand out and demand attention

  • Developing a Personal Style
  • - Finding that quality which will distinguish every lyric you write and give you a competitive edge that no one can duplicate

  • Collaboration
  • - What to expect, what to demand, and what to avoid like the plague

  • The Marketplace
  • - Writing in a universal voice
    - New opportunities in film, theater, and animation

  • Artistic Objectives
  • - Writing lyrics that make a difference
    - Writing lyrics to be proud of
    - Creating works that survive in an age of disposable art


    APRIL 19th and 26th, and
            MAY 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th.


    Academy Award winning Composer,
    Stephen Schwartz
    (Wicked. Godspell, Pocahontas)



    71 East 94th Street

    New York, N.Y. 10128

    (Between Park and Madison)

    12 Hours of Workshop
    and Instruction

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