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With parents' time at a premium these days, resources like Mommy & Me CDs and DVDs are very helpful.

         These classic childhood songs were produced by a top songwriting-production team of Marty Panzer (Pocahontas II, The Lion King II) and Gregg Field (Now Dig This! A Vocal Celebration of Miles Davis, Earth). Both Mommy & Me CDs include 20-page activity guides with full lyrics, expert child development information and ideas for parents and kids to play and sing along with the music. These CDs provide a great way for parents and children to play and bond together - even when they can't get to the playgroup sessions.

         Mommy & Me is a national playgroup phenomenon that has become an integral part of today's parenting experience. When parents think of playgroups, they think of Mommy& Me. Millions of parents and their children have attended more than 350,000 parent/child classes and playgroups on a weekly basis over the past 30 years. Mommy & Me has incorporated its breadth of real-life experience with parents and young children, and the expert advice of early childhood educators around the country, to create the Together Time music and videos. The Mommy & Me experience relies on music to keep the fun rolling. The songs and activities on Playgroup Favorites and More Playgroup Favorites are educational in the broadest sense, but the main benefit is enhanced communication and bonding between parents and children.